Summertime is an excellent time of the year to work on projects around your house, especially outdoor ones. It is common for people not to consider maintenance on their windows until there is a problem. However, it is essential to regularly maintain the windows of your home to keep them energy efficient, protect your home and extend the life of your windows. At Sunshine Home Improvement, the best replacement window company in Kansas City, we have put together a checklist for keeping your windows in top shape for the summer.


Remove Winter Dirt

During the winter months, dirt, dead leaves, small sticks, and other debris can settle on the windowsill, crevices, and the surface of your windows. When dirt gets stuck in-between the seal when it is opened and closed, this causes it not to close correctly, and energy efficiency plummets. Start by taking a rag and wiping down all the seals and creases of the window. This will remove dirt and cause a tight seal. This also has the added benefit of looking much cleaner and keeps windows sparkly for the homeowner.


Check Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is an essential part of fully functioning windows. They play a key role in keeping the elements out of your home. Weatherstripping does break down or come loose periodically, and it’s essential to walk around your home each season to inspect your windows, but mainly the weather stripping. If the stripping looks weathered and worn, replacing it will prevent more significant problems in the future.

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Survey for Water Damage

If windows are not checked regularly for proper sealing and replacement, they are prone to water damage. When surveying each window, look for cracks in the seals, mold, mildew, foggy windows, or a noticeable draft. All of these signs indicate damage to your window, the surrounding areas, such as molding or trim, and need a replacement right away to prevent further damage. At Sunshine Home Improvement, the best replacement window company in Kansas City, we have extensive experience in window replacement and fixing any remaining damage to ensure a properly functioning, energy-efficient window and home. Sunshine Home Improvement has a wide variety of affordable windows in Kansas City to choose from.


Replace Windows

If you have damage to your windows, or if you have older windows that are not energy efficient, it is time to replace them.  This is a significant undertaking, but with the best replacement window company in Kansas City, Sunshine Home Improvement, we are here to help. Replacing your old windows with more energy-efficient ones will decrease your energy costs and enable your air conditioning and heater to do a better job at regulating temperature in your home. Today, there are so many options when it comes to windows, and summer is the perfect time of year to consider replacing them.


best replacement window company in Kansas City

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