If you are struggling with high energy costs and are considering energy efficient windows in Kansas City, you may be asking if the investment in windows is worthwhile. The short answer is yes! Window replacement in Kansas City is just one part of making your home more energy efficient. Still, it is a very significant factor in your home’s ability to keep you warm or cool––depending on the season.

Energy Efficient Windows in Kansas City

Most estimates suggest that window replacement can reduce your utility bills up to 20%. However, the savings can be even more dramatic if you have an older home with single-pane windows and replace them with double or triple-pane windows.

The most energy efficient windows in Kansas City are double or triple-paned, and the gaps between the windowpanes are filled with non-toxic, inert gases such as argon, krypton, or xenon. These gases are significantly heavier than the air we breathe and make it more difficult for heat to pass through. This keeps the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

Although aluminum-framed windows are generally the most economical choice for window replacement, they are not the most energy-efficient. The most energy-efficient windows are made from vinyl, fiberglass, or clad wood.

Affordable Windows in Kansas City

Window Replacement in Kansas City

If you are considering window replacement, it is essential to find the best windows and the best contractor to install them. Window replacement is not cheap––so make sure you choose both wisely.

High-Quality Affordable Windows in Kansas City

If you aren’t sure where to start looking for quality, affordable, energy efficient windows, give us a call at Sunshine Home Improvement. We would be glad to come out to your home for a free inspection and give you a free quote for window replacement or new window installation.

Single and Double Hung Windows in Kansas City

At Sunshine Home Improvement, we have many windows to choose from, including single hung windows, double hung windows, bay windows, casement windows, fixed windows, etc. We are also the home of the $189 window in Kansas City!

If you are serious about making your home more energy-efficient, we can also repair or replace your residential siding, wall, and attic insulation, as well as door trim and weather seals. If your home needs multiple repairs, the combined effect of improvements in your home will reduce your energy bills significantly.

Sunshine Home Improvement

At Sunshine Home Improvement, we are the leaders when it comes to window installation in Kansas City. We are one of the best replacement window companies in Kansas City, so give us a call! 

Best Replacement WIndow Company in Kansas City

Our expert window installers will provide insight into the best style of windows to fit you and your home’s needs. With over 30 years of window installation experience in the Kansas City metro area, Sunshine Home Improvement will provide efficient, high-quality, reasonably priced service to give your home that beautiful natural light you have been searching for.

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