Most homeowners don’t think about doing maintenance on their windows until they notice a problem. For example, if your heating or cooling bill has suddenly increased dramatically, you may be looking around for something to fix. As a trusted company that specializes in window replacement in Kansas City, Sunshine Home Improvement suggests taking some time to inspect your windows and determine if a little basic maintenance may resolve your problem.

Step #1 – Cleaning and Inspection

Most glass cleaners available at the grocery store are great for cleaning your window glass. However, if you have energy efficient windows in Kansas City with Low-E coatings or tint, you should check if the manufacturer recommends any special cleaning solution.

Don’t forget to clean the window frames and rails. Clean frames and rails with warm water and a mild detergent. Keep an eye out for damage, peeling caulk, worn-out rubber seals, or a misaligned window sash as you clean. If your window is difficult to open or close, opens unevenly, or makes a loud sound when opening/closing, it may be damaged or need lubricant.

Step #2 – Repair

If you have discovered a minor problem like peeling caulk or shrinking weather seals, repair what you have found. Sometimes, just a little caulk or a new rubber seal can go a long way in extending the life of your window and increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

If you have discovered rotting wood, damaged glass, or a severely misaligned window frame, it is time to call a professional for help. You may need window replacement in Kansas City, or you may be able to repair your problem. When in doubt, you can call us with your questions or for a free inspection.

If you think your windows may need lubrication to keep them moving like they were designed, check with the manufacturer for lubrication recommendations. In most cases, silicone-based spray lubricants are recommended. It is almost never appropriate to use petroleum-based lubricants or rust inhibitors.

Step #3 – Check Your Work

After cleaning, caulking, replacing weather seals, and lubricating the window tracks, check and see how your windows are sealing and moving. If you discover that you still have an air leak or that your double hung windows in Kansas City still aren’t sliding as they should, call a home improvement company like Sunshine Home Improvement to get your windows back in order.

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