Window Replacement in Kansas City – It would be impossible to deny the sizable budget required to completely overhaul your home and remodel every last inch. Fortunately, most homes don’t need to be fully remodeled from one end to another. If you have been dreaming of remodeling or of window replacement in Kansas City, we can help. Consider these ideas for remodeling on a budget.

Idea #1 – Paint Before or After Window Replacement in Kansas City

It is always amazing how much a new coat of paint can improve the appearance of a home––inside or out. However, if you really want to make your home look amazing, ensure you choose the right colors. Not everyone is naturally gifted at choosing paint colors, so consider purchasing a color wheel that will tell you which colors match (and which don’t).

Idea #2 – Add or Replace Molding

The molding around doors, windows, and floorboards is often the unsung hero of your home’s style. Consider replacing your home’s existing molding or adding crown molding. It’s a great way to add nice details to your home without spending too much.

Idea #3 – Refinish Light Fixtures

Do you have old, rusty light fixtures that make your home look old? Consider taking them down, cleaning them, and painting them a new color. The only expense required is a little sandpaper and a can of spray paint.

Idea #4 – Add Insulation

If you are already replacing siding or sheetrock somewhere in your house, take advantage of the opportunity and new or extra insulation to your walls. The proper insulation can reduce noise transmission and make your HVAC system more efficient.

Idea #5 – Update Caulk

Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference! Remove and replace the caulk around sinks, bathtubs, and your single hung windows in Kansas City.

Window Replacement in Kansas City

Idea #6 – Add Ceiling Fans after Window Replacement in Kansas City 

Ceiling fans don’t actually make your home cooler, but the air blowing across your skin makes your home feel cooler. Plus, a new ceiling fan is an excellent alternative to an old light fixture or an outdated ceiling fan.

Idea #7 – Have Your Carpets and HVAC System Cleaned by a Professional

Old carpets and HVAC systems slowly accumulate dirt, mold, and funky smells. Have them cleaned professionally, and your home will feel newer.

Idea #8 – Door and Window Replacement in Kansas City

Worn-out doors and windows are not only unattractive, but they often leak. Replace your old windows with new, energy-efficient double hung windows in Kansas City.

$289 Window in Kansas City

If you need window replacement in Kansas City, but cost is your biggest concern, you may want to contact us and learn more about our most cost-efficient windows. Whatever you need––we want to help. If you have a broken window that needs to be replaced, don’t wait too long. A leaky window can quickly lead to other, more severe problems.

Window Replacement in Kansas City

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