New windows in your home can lower your utility bills, upgrade your home’s style, and possibly even increase your home’s value. Are you ready to install beautiful new double hung windows in Kansas City? Before installation starts, you will need to find a professional contractor you can trust. Look out for these red flags when searching for an installer.

Red Flag #1 – Little or No Window Installation Experience

Many contractors and handymen do a little bit of everything. Make sure you find a contractor with extensive window installation experience. Window installation is more complicated than it often appears. Double hung windows in Kansas City and single hung windows in Kansas City will hang and bind if not hung just right.

Ask for pictures of previous work done by a contractor you are interested in hiring. You can check out some of ours here.

Red Flag #2 – No Contract

A professional installation company or contractor will define their price and offer you a contract to sign before installation begins. Beware of anyone who won’t commit to a price until after their work is complete––they either don’t know what they are doing, or they plan on jacking up their price after the work is complete.

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Red Flag #3 – New to Your Area or No Established Reputation

An incompetent installer can cause irreparable harm to your new windows if they install them wrong. Don’t trust an unknown company to handle your new windows. They may just disappear if something goes wrong.

An established company has a reputation to protect. Not only do professional companies hire the best installers, but they also stand behind their work. Sunshine Home Improvement has over thirty years of experience installing windows in the Kansas City metro area.

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Red Flag #4 – No Contractor’s License

A professional contractor is also duly licensed to perform work in your home. Licensing requirements are not incredibly difficult in most cases, so avoid anyone without a license. An unlicensed contractor has little to lose if you file a complaint against them, but a licensed contractor risks losing their license.

Red Flag #5 – They Don’t Answer Their Phone

Beware of any contractor you have difficulty communicating with. A professional installation company will answer their phone and get you the information you need in a timely manner. Companies that fail to respond in a timely manner are often organizations that have something to hide. Only work with businesses that openly communicate with you.

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