Energy efficient windows in Kansas City have become popular in recent years. They not only insulate your home better but can save you upwards of 20% on your energy bill. Not to mention, they are better for the environment than the standard single or double-hung window. But what sets energy efficient windows apart from the rest?

At Sunshine Home Improvement, a leading replacement window company in Kansas City, we are a trusted provider of both standard and energy efficient windows. We are knowledgeable about the similarities and differences of both types. So, what exactly makes a window energy efficient?


Frame Type

According to replacement window companies in Kansas City, one of the biggest differences between standard and energy efficient windows is the type of frame the window uses. Energy efficient frames tend to be better quality than the standard window and have a tighter seal. This helps keep drafts from entering through your windows.

Window frames are made of several materials, including fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and vinyl. The type of material used is a significant factor in a window’s insulation ability. Energy efficient window frames are mostly vinyl, which helps keep warm air in and cold air out of your home.


Panes of Glass

Energy efficient windows have multiple panes of glass. Most energy efficient windows have two panes of glass, although some have three. This helps keep the heat from transferring through your window, leaving your home at a steady temperature all year. Energy efficient windows also offer greater resistance to cold air and are soundproof.

Energy Efficient Windows In Kansas City


According to experts on energy efficient and affordable windows in Kansas City, weatherstripping is one of the most significant aspects of windows. This is what creates the tight seal between the window and wall and helps keep the air out of your home. Energy efficient windows have more weatherstrips than the standard window, creating a better seal to protect your home.


Correct Installation

While this isn’t unique to just energy efficient windows, they must be installed properly to work as expected. All windows should fit firmly against the wall, so outside air doesn’t enter your home. This is especially true for energy efficient windows due to how tight their sealing must be. The purpose of purchasing energy efficient windows is lost if they aren’t correctly installed.

Window companies will almost always recommend energy efficient windows to their clients because of their numerous benefits. Overall, energy efficient windows are built using higher quality materials than the average window. This helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year and can help save you money on your energy bill.

Energy Efficient Windows In Kansas City

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