Bay and bow windows are great options when you are considering window replacement in Kansas City. They are especially stunning in areas of your home with a great view, or with space to extend your windows outside of your home. These windows increase the amount of natural light and provide great views while increasing your home’s value. Often merged together into one category, these windows are actually very different and provide very different end results. Join us through this article to take a look at the differences between these window styles.

Bow Windows

A standard bow window is made up of being between three to size equally sized windows. The windows will extend outside of the home, similar to bay windows but instead of sharply angled sides, the entire bow window forms an arched shape. Bow windows extend the view and make a wide view that looks great in a living room, bedroom, or honestly anywhere else in your home.

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Main Differences

  • Number of Windows
  • How Far they Extend Outside the Home
  • Amount of Glass Panes

Bay Windows

Bay windows are made up of three windows of varying sizes. The normal bay window has one large window in the center and two slightly smaller windows on either side of them. The two smaller windows are typically angled away from the wall at around 25-45 degrees. The large center window provides an unobstructed view of the outside with the two smaller windows being either fixed or venter to allow cooling air into the home.

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