When it comes time to replace your single or double hung windows in Kansas City, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Not only can you choose between single, double, and triple-glazed windows, but you can also opt for Kansas City single hung windows or double hung windows in Kansas City. Another popular option for residential windows is Low-E, or low emissivity, glass.

What is Low Emissivity Glass?

Low-E glass covered with a thin, colorless, transparent coating that insulates and reflects the sun’s rays toward the exterior of your home. Low-E glass helps keep heat inside during the winter, and outside during the summer.

How Does Low-E Glass Work?

Low emissivity glass functions much like any reflective surface, only Low-E glass is not as noticeably reflective or shiny. Consider how reflective snow goggles work. Unlike traditional black tinted sunglasses that filter bright sunlight, snow goggles have a highly reflective, though transparent, surface which reflects the sun’s rays and radiation away from your eyes. Low-E glass is very similar, but it doesn’t have a mirror-like surface. In fact, most people cannot differentiate Low-E glass from standard glass.

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Low-E glass reflects long-wavelength infrared radiation (a.k.a. heat from the sun) off the surface of the glass outside but allows short wavelength sunlight (visible light) through the glass. Similarly, it reflects long-wavelength infrared radiation (a.k.a. heat from your HVAC system) off the inside of your glass and prevents it from passing through your window and being lost outside your home.

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How Efficient is Low-E Glass?

Different types of Low-E coatings offer different levels of insulation value. However, it is estimated that Low-E coatings can reduce heat transfer through windows by as much as 50% in optimal conditions.

Is Low-E Glass Expensive?

Glass with low emissivity coatings is more expensive than standard glass, but it isn’t likely to break your budget. Low-E glass is reasonably priced and should pay for itself by increasing the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system.

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