Unless a window breaks, it isn’t always easy to know if you need window replacement in Kansas City. There is no use in replacing a good window, but there are many benefits to replacing leaky windows. Faulty windows that allow outside air or water inside your home are not energy efficient.  Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to identify a cracked or inefficient window until the problem becomes severe. Here are three signs that it is time for a window replacement in Kansas City.

Windows Are Constantly Foggy

When humidity is high and there is a stark difference between the temperatures outside and inside your home, it’s normal for condensation to collect on your windows. However, if you have double or triple-glazed windows and moisture, or “fog,” collects between windowpanes, you likely have a problem. Quality double and triple-glazed windows are filled with inert gases designed to insulate. When the seal holding the gas between your windowpanes is damaged, the gas will escape and allow moist air in from outside.

Your Home Has Poor Energy Efficiency

Many Americans live in homes built 40, 50, or 60 years ago. Older homes are often very well-built and comfortable places to live. However, older homes and even newer homes were commonly built with single-pane, single hung windows in Kansas City. While single-pane windows are great for keeping the rain out, they don’t have the best insulating properties. Installing modern double or triple-glazed windows can make a massive difference in your heating and cooling costs. If you are struggling with high utility bills, installing energy efficient windows in Kansas City may help.

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Windows Are Difficult to Open and Close

If your windows are difficult to open and close, something is wrong. Your window assembly may be damaged, the window frame may be warped or sagging from moisture and sunlight, or your house’s foundation could even need repair. If the source of the problem isn’t apparent, call a professional to examine your windows and identify the problem. No matter the issue, windows that are difficult to open and close often need to be replaced. Window replacement in Kansas City isn’t always very expensive, especially if you choose the right window and work with the right installer.

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