Everyone wants to make sure their home is fully protected at all times, and the windows are a great place to start. Although it may sound like a scene from a cheesy movie, windows are one of the most common entryways that burglars use to sneak through your home.

There have been many advancements in home security that can be installed on and around your windows to keep you and your family safe. At Sunshine Home Improvement, a leader in replacement window companies in Kansas City, we believe that our durable, affordable windows will pair great with a security system. We know that you can never be too safe, especially with your windows.

As a leading replacement window company in Kansas City, we’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to help ensure your windows are burglar-proof.


Install Burglar Proof Window Film

Did you know that window installation companies can install a film that makes your home virtually impossible to break into? This is a perfect addition to any affordable windows in Kansas City.

These films can be installed both inside and outside of your home to provide two extra layers of protection. This film holds the glass of your window in place, even after it is broken.

Best Replacement Window Companies In Kansas City

Install a Security System

There are lots of options for security systems out in the market today. Consider purchasing a security system that has window alarms and cameras. That way, you can be notified of anyone trying to enter your home, and you have video proof.


Use Your Landscaping to Your Advantage!

Your landscaping can do more than just look appealing to the eye! Hire a professional landscaper to help reduce the likelihood of a burglar entering your home through your window replacement in Kansas City.

The first step to take is to put away all of your valuable items. Don’t leave your grill or expensive furniture outside; put them away when you are done using them. You should also have your backyard landscaped to where there isn’t a lot of hiding spaces. Robbers generally don’t like to be caught out in the open, so ensure that there are no big bushes they can hide in.

Best Replacement Window Companies In Kansas City

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Our energy efficient windows block out UV rays, which protects the inside of your home while keeping it cool. No other window company offers the best-selling $189 window in Kansas City.

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