Are you looking to replace your windows before the cold winter weather settles into Kansas City? There are many things to consider when purchasing new windows for your home, especially with how cold Kansas City winters can get.

At Sunshine Home Improvement, a leader in providing customers with energy efficient windows in Kansas City, we want to help you decide which windows will work best for your home. We’ve compiled a list of tips for choosing the best windows for winter with that goal in mind.

Do Your Windows Really Make a Difference?

In short, yes, the type of windows you purchase from replacement window companies in Kansas City can have a significant impact on your home and its energy performance. Windows that aren’t designed for colder weather will not keep the heat in your home and the cold air out. This means that your HVAC system will have to work harder, increasing the total of your energy bill and making it difficult to keep your home at a consistent, steady temperature.

How to Choose the Best Windows for Winter

There are two main parts to any window: the actual window and the frame. It’s important to consider both of these factors when looking for window replacements in Kansas City.

Energy Efficient Windows In Kansas City

Window Frames and Cold Climates

The type of window frame you choose is arguably the most crucial decision in your window replacement project. The frame is where heat typically escapes and where cooler air enters the home. So, it’s important to invest in an airtight window frame that will last for a long period.

Air usually escapes from three window frame parts: the sash, the perimeter, and the sill. Experts in double hung windows in Kansas City suggest investing in a window frame with vinyl, wood, composite frames, or fiberglass. These materials are all great at keeping the heat in your home.

The most popular choice of window frames is wood with vinyl cladding. It is considered the best at holding heat in your home, and the vinyl will protect the wood.

Window Glass and Cold Weather

Many experts caution against single hung windows in Kansas City. While they work great in the warmer seasons, they are less effective at holding in heat during colder winters. Instead, many experts believe that homeowners should invest in double or even triple hung windows. These hold more heat in your home and allow more space for the sunlight to shine through, which naturally warms your home.

Another benefit to investing in double or triple hung windows is that they can be insulated with either krypton or argon. These materials have been proven to help regulate a home’s energy usage.

Energy Efficient Windows In Kansas City

Are You Looking to Invest in Energy Efficient Windows in Kansas City Before Winter Settles in?

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