$189 Window in Kansas City | Best replacement windows companies in Kansas City

If you’re like us, you love keeping up to date on the home improvement industry.  Some amazing trends came and went during 2018, but what about 2019?  As the best replacement window company in Kansas City, it is our job to make sure your home is as transparent, bright, and healthy as possible.  Having amazing energy-efficient windows in Kansas City is the best way to start improving your home in the new year.  From single-hung windows in Kansas City to double hung windows in Kansas City, we are excited to know what is “in” and what is “out”!  Here are home improvement trends to look out for in 2019.

Kitchen Cabinets In A Blue Hue 

In 2018, many homes were being displayed with warm blue cabinetry in their homes.  This trend paired nicely with amazing affordable windows in Kansas City.  Depending on what you’re looking for, blue is a calming and neutral color that blends well with almost any style or trend.  Even a blue frame around your $189 window in Kansas City could be an amazing touch of uniqueness.

Open Kitchen Shelves

Open shelving isn’t a new idea, but it’s back and more popular than ever.  As one of the best replacement windows companies in Kansas City, we see this trend more and more as 2019 continues.  They are this way to display your prized china, dishware, and make it much easier to use quickly.

White Flooring 

If you’ve ever wondered about white flooring and how in the world the homeowners keep it clean, 2019 might be the year you find out for yourself.  While it’s easier to spot dirt and marks, white flooring gives off an open, spacious, and comfortable feeling to any room.  Think about installing white flooring in your kitchen, bathrooms, or even an entranceway.