Windows are such an important part of your home. They allow sunshine in and for you to view the outdoors from comfort of the indoors. Healthy windows are also a very important piece of the puzzle. Healthy windows can contribute to a healthy house. If you are a homeowner, you look at your windows everyday and the question will eventually come up “When Should I Replace My Windows?”. That is normal, and it is important to notice the signs of needing replacement soon. Join us through this article to explore 4 signs that it is time to replace your windows and how our team at Sunshine Home Improvement can help. 

Difficulty Opening 

If you have trouble opening and closing your window, it’s a clear sign that the window needs to be examined. While maintenance may fix this problem, you may need to look at window replacement as an option in your Kansas City home. If you are having this problem, it is best to talk to a professional and look at all of your options. Our team at Sunshine Home Improvement is ready to tackle any window project you may have on your hands. With expertise in all fields from attic insulation to garage doors, and from window replacement to sunroom installation – our team can do it all.  

Window Replacement Company in Kansas City

Old Age 

Homes that are around 30 or more years old most likely had windows with single-pane glass installed during the building process. If they haven’t been replaced since then, they are probably not energy efficient windows. The best replacement window company in Kansas City will be able to help you during the selection process for energy-efficient and affordable windows.  

Too Small 

If your windows are too small for your home, you have options. A beautiful, large window is very attractive and aesthetically pleasing for many homes. Our team of professional window installers understand the need for your home to feel right, and we want to help accomplish that with any project we can. Here at Sunshine Home Improvement, we work on a variety of different projects that can help your home feel most homey today. 

Window Replacement Company in Kansas City


Broken windows need immediate attention. Even if the break is small, a tiny crack or hole can grow into a much larger one if it’s not addressed promptly. This can become a problem for many reasons. It is best to talk with a window replacement company in Kansas City in order to come up with the best plan for your home.  

Ready to Hire the Best Replacement Window Company in Kansas City? 

If you are ready to hire the best window replacement company in Kansas City, Sunshine Home Improvement is a best choice. Our qualified professionals are ready to help you achieve your window goals for your home in a cost-effective manner. Our team of experts are ready to install affordable windows in your Kansas City home as soon as you desire. Call today to talk with a window expert and get a free quote! Reach us at 913-599-4663 or 816-619-4663 today!