Do your single or double hung windows in Kansas City tend to fog up on cold mornings? Foggy windows can be a nuisance, but they are also a common sign that your home needs maintenance or repair. If your foggy windows are bothering you, consider the possible sources of the problem and call one of the best replacement window companies in Kansas City for help.


Why are my windows foggy?

#1 – Your windows may not insulate well.

#2 – Your home may lack adequate ventilation.

#3 – Your windows may not have been installed correctly.

#4 – Your windows may need maintenance or repair.


Possibility #1 – Your Windows Don’t Insulate Well

Condensation forms on your double and single hung windows in Kansas City because the windowpane is much colder than the air around it. A double or triple-glazed window offers far superior resistance to heat transfer than single-glazed windows.

Possibility #2 – Your Home Lacks Adequate Ventilation

Another contributing factor to foggy windows is high humidity inside your home. If humidity levels are too high, the excessive moisture content of the air inside your home makes condensation on cool windows much more probable. You should consider having your home inspected to ensure it has adequate ventilation. Poor ventilation can also cause roofing problems, HVAC problems, and promote the growth of unwanted mold and mildew.

Double Hung Windows in Kansas City

Possibility #3 – Your Windows Weren’t Installed Properly

A poorly installed window can produce unwanted gaps and other air leaks around your windows. These leaks allow cold air inside and promote condensation (or “fog”).

Possibility #4 – Your Double Hung Windows in Kansas City Need Maintenance or Repair

Much like a poorly installed window, a damaged window or a window with worn seals will allow cold or humid air inside. That cold air will ensure that the inside of your window is cold and promote condensation.

What Should I Do About My Foggy Windows?

The only way to resolve a problem with foggy windows is by correctly identifying and correcting the root cause. Contact Sunshine Home Improvement for help!

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