When remodeling an older home, window replacement is often non-negotiable. Stuck, broken, or leaky windows won’t cut it if you want to update a room in your house or your entire home. Unfortunately, many homeowners feel that the cost of window replacement in Kansas City is prohibitive.

If you feel like window replacement in Kansas City is too expensive, don’t worry! Sunshine Home Improvement has excellent options for affordable windows in Kansas City.

Option #1 – Single Hung Windows in Kansas City

The simplest and most affordable style of windows are single-hung windows. Single-hung windows have fewer moving parts than double-hung windows and are more affordable. Single-hung windows are also the most common choice for new homes, require relatively little maintenance, and are easy to clean.

Option #2 – Our Special $289 Window in Kansas City

The average cost of a single window replacement in the United States is about $650 per window. We have a special $289 window available every day of the week! Call us today if you need fast, affordable, professional window replacement in Kansas City! We offer free quotes, fast installation, and guarantee all our work.

Best Replacement Window Companies in Kansas City

Option #3 – Call Us for Our Latest Affordable Options

We often have windows of varied styles and sizes available at a discount. We can also help you choose windows according to your unique needs, personal style, and budget. Whatever you need––we can help you accomplish your home improvement vision.

Do you need affordable energy efficient windows in Kansas City? We can help with that too! There are endless options available for window replacement in Kansas City, and we can locate and install the best window for your home. When done right, new windows can enhance your home’s style, lower your energy bills, and increase your property value.

Are you dreaming of installing a bay window, double or triple-glazed, oversized, or something unique? You may be surprised at how affordable window replacement in Kansas City can be. Call us for a free project estimate or a home inspection. Our window specialists may even be able to help you dream up something new!

Looking for the Best of the Best Replacement Window Companies in Kansas City?

Call Sunshine Home Improvement!

At Sunshine Home Improvement, we can inspect, repair, or replace your windows. We offer excellent options for energy-efficient windows in various designs–– Kansas City single hung windows, double-hung, casement, and more. We install new windows in Kansas City every day, but we can also help you with door replacement, attic insulation, sunrooms, siding, or building a new deck.

Single Hung Windows in Kansas City

Our expert window installers will provide insight into the best style of windows to fit you and your home’s needs. With over 30 years of window installation experience in the Kansas City metro area, Sunshine Home Improvement offers efficient, high-quality, reasonably priced service to give your home that beautiful natural light you have been searching for.

 If you need the best of the best replacement window companies in Kansas City, call us at 913-599-4663 or Contact Us Online!