At Sunshine Home Improvement, we install beautiful energy efficient windows in Kansas City every day. If you want or need to replace the windows in your home, you may be considering both double hung windows in Kansas City and single hung windows. You can’t go wrong with either, but you should consider the benefits and drawbacks of each.

What is the Difference?

The primary difference between single and double hung windows is that single-hung windows only have one moving section, while double hung windows have two. This means that single-hung windows have a fixed section on one side and a movable section on the other. Double-hung windows have two moving sections that allow either the top of the window to open, the bottom of the window to open, or both the top and bottom to be opened partially.

Single Hung Windows in Kansas City

Single-hung windows are generally the window of choice for most large home builders. This is because they cost less and still look great. Single hung windows can only be opened in one direction but have fewer moving parts and are less likely to suffer damage that will leave them stuck open or closed.

Double Hung Windows in Kansas City

Double Hung Windows in Kansas City

Double-hung windows are an increasingly popular choice for custom homes. They can be opened from the top or bottom, and the inside sash can be leaned toward your home’s interior to facilitate cleaning. Double-hung windows are an excellent choice when remodeling and trying to upgrade your home’s style.

Energy Efficient Windows in Kansas City

We offer highly efficient double and triple-glazed windows that offer superior insulation qualities to that of more common single-glazed windows. Our most energy-efficient designs are available as single-hung or double-hung windows. Contact one of our window experts for help choosing the right window for your new custom home or remodel.

$289 Window in Kansas City

If you need new windows but are worried about the cost, we offer attractive and efficient windows for almost any budget. Check out our special $289 window deal or contact one of our team members for help finding the perfect size and style window for your home.

Looking for Energy Efficient Windows in Kansas City?

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At Sunshine Home Improvement, we can inspect, repair, or replace your windows. We offer excellent options for energy-efficient windows in various designs–– Kansas City single hung windows, double hung windows in Kansas City, casement windows, and more. We do window replacement every day, but we can also help you with door replacement, attic insulation, sunrooms, siding, or building a new deck.

Best Replacement Window Company in Kansas City

Our expert window installers will provide insight into the best style of windows to fit your and your home’s needs. With over 30 years of window installation experience in the Kansas City metro area, Sunshine Home Improvement offers efficient, high-quality, reasonably priced service to give your home that beautiful natural light you have been searching for.

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