Homeowners often face the question, when do I need to consider window repair vs. window replacement? Sunshine Home Improvement is here to help. We would love to help answer some questions that you may have when it comes to the state of your windows. Join us through this article to explore when the best time for window repair compared to window replacement is, and how Sunshine Home Improvement can help. 

When to Repair 

Window repair is a fairly simple job that is often presented as an option with smaller issues. Split seals, dents in the frame, and windows off of their tracks are all simple repair jobs that don’t require a company for window replacement in Kansas City. Old windows tend to be difficult to open and close. Whether from being painted shut, accumulating dirt and grit, having hardware break, or falling out of alignment as the foundation settles, this common problem leaves homeowners feeling frustrated, however it is not an instant cry for replacement. Some problems are difficult to repair, and thus require replacement. Let’s take a look at what those situations look like. 

Window Replacement Installer in Kansas City

When to Replace 

Window replacement is a more serious consideration for your home improvement project, however it is often prefaced by more serious conditions. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios that would prompt you to hire a window replacement installer in Kansas City. 

When Should You Replace Your Windows? 

  • The Glass is Broken Beyond Repair 
  • The Window is Too Drafty 
  • The Seal is Broken 
  • The Wood Frame is Rotting or Ruined 

Picture this: a massive hailstorm cracks your living room window. You can’t live with a broken window and the possibility of it shattering at any moment. Thus, replacement is required.  

Big or small, window problems are always a concern and should be evaluated by a professional. If you have complications within your windows, it may be time to hire the best window replacement installer in Kansas City. 

Ready to Hire the Best Window Replacement Installer in Kansas City? 

If you are ready to hire the best window replacement company in Kansas City, Sunshine Home Improvement is the best choice. Our qualified individuals are ready to help you achieve your window goals for your home in a cost-effective manner. Call today to talk with a window expert and get a free quote! Reach us at 913-599-4663.