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If you’ve ever experienced condensation in your windows, then you understand how frustrating it is. You are probably wondering what causes it and, more importantly, how to get rid of it. Window condensation is not only unattractive, but it can also cause damage like wood rot and mold to occur. If you want to know how to avoid window condensation, keep on reading.   


What Causes Condensation? 

For starters, let’s discuss what causes condensation. Window condensation occurs from excessive moisture in the house and happens typically in the winter when the warm air inside condenses on the cold windows. Condensation in the window panes occurs when the seal is broken, or the desiccant is saturated.   



 Air circulation

An easy solution to condensation according to the best window replacement company in Kansas City is air circulation. Turning on small fans or ceiling fans to circulate the air will help increase ventilation. 

 Turn down the humidifier

If condensation occurs in the interior of the window, it indicates humidity inside your house is high, and the moisture is condensing on the windows. If you have a humidifier in your home, the best window replacement company in Kansas City suggests turning it down a few notches. 

Buy a dehumidifier

Buying a dehumidifier will help reduce and control window condensation tremendously. 

 Replace the window

Some condensation inormal, but too much could cause problems. If you notice visible mold or decay, a musty smell that lingers, condensation on the walls, or condensation remaining even when the temperatures outside has warmed up, you may want to consider window replacement in Kansas City. Not fixing these problems may cause serious health issues and more house damage.  


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