For homes in Prairie Village, replacement windows usually have a lifespan ranging from ten to forty years. This longevity can be influenced by several factors, such as the quality of materials used and the level of maintenance provided. It’s intriguing to note how certain window replacements in Prairie Village can demonstrate exceptional durability over decades, while others might unexpectedly manifest leaks within a year of installation.

In the upcoming discussion, Sunshine Home Improvement, a reputable window replacement company in Prairie Village, will delve into the prevalent causes behind window leaks, offering homeowners in-depth insights to empower them in protecting their homes from potential issues that may arise.



Moisture is our home’s worst enemy, as we all know. Leaks most commonly result in water damage, but they can also cause other problems. When water freezes, it expands. The weather can be quite severe here in the Midwest, particularly during the winter.

When cold fronts move in, we get freezing temperatures unlike anything else. Consequently, water can seep into the tiny gaps along the windows during a snowfall, freeze, and then enlarge to form gaps that get bigger every time. allowing for leaks and additional damage as a result. Maintenance can help when this happens, but a window replacement in Prairie Village is probably what you’ll need to fix the problem in the end.


Physical Damage

If you have ever had kids or pets, you are aware of how frequently accidents occur. Most of the time, blunt force can cause damage to windows. Leaks will almost certainly occur sooner rather than later if there is broken glass or framing. Regular window inspections can help you catch any cracks or breaks early on, giving you the opportunity to fix them instead of looking for a window replacement in Prairie Village.


Poor Setup

Although no one is flawless, there are instances when it matters that the work of a window replacement company in Prairie Village is nearly perfect. Excellent windows are useless if they are not installed correctly. Accurate flashing, leveling, and correct window installation require training, the acquisition of skills, and the use of appropriate tools. This is the rationale behind why working with a window replacement company in Prairie Village is crucial. Give our staff at Sunshine Home Improvement a call at this time to discuss your window replacement options.


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Ignored Upkeep

Although maintaining windows can seem pretty simple, there are actually a lot of little tasks that must be done. It is crucial to keep in mind that cleaning windows should never be done with harsh chemicals, power washers, abrasives, or razors. Using these products can cause premature leaks, scratch the finish on windows, and harm seals. The best method for cleaning window frames is to use water and a mild detergent.


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